Why agents should join Virtual Realty, LLC…and why some shouldn’t.

Virtual Realty, LLC is not for every agent. If you have less than one-year experience and no related Real Estate experience, Virtual Realty, LLC is not for you. Virtual Realty, LLC agents have a confidence in their knowledge of Real Estate. They are organized and don’t require the need for a Supervisor or Motivator.  Virtual Realty, LLC agents work out of their homes and receive all the benefits for doing so, including Larger Commissions, Awesome Tax Benefits, and Best of All…...NO FEES!!!

NO FRANCHISE FEES…We are locally owned and operated.

NO NATIONAL ADVERTISING FEES…If our agents wish to advertise outside of the Company’s advertising, they advertise locally and choose their own media outlets.

NO DESK FEES…If your agency is charging you more than what your local MLS charges you…take that money each month and use it for online training of your choice!

Keep more of YOUR money!!

And if you need to talk to your Broker, just pick up the phone 7 Days a Week! I will always be there for support and help. If you think you would like to join the Virtual Realty, LLC team, call me directly at (806) 236-0708 to set up an appointment today. Commission structures are Negotiable and Teams are welcome!!

Randy Ratliff
Virtual Realty, LLC